Funerals as Unique as Your Life

Funerals as Unique as Your Life

Life is full of opportunities to show someone we love them. One such opportunity is the funeral or memorial service. Such a loving event celebrates the choices they made, the relationship you shared, and honors the memory of your loved one.

  • Honor Life

    Honor Life

    It's important to take the time to acknowledge your loved one: the individuality of their personality and the uniqueness of their path, It’s an act of love not just for them, but for you as well. It affirms your relationship and leads to healing after loss.

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  • Funeral Design

    Funeral Design

    There are an unlimited number of ways to celebrate a life. Was your loved one a sports fan? Surround everyone in the favored team memorabilia and share in team spirit. Did they collect certain memorabilia? Gather together their beloved collection and share them with the guests after the ceremony. Maybe Bridge was their game? Whatever game they enjoyed, bring it into the service by staging a card party in their honor. 

    Taking the time to design the service is a loving act, and not a difficult one. We invite you to explore the seemingly infinite number of ways to celebrate your loved one.

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  • Funeral Services

    Funeral Services

    Grief experts all agree: a ceremony is an important part of the healing process. Though it can be seen as easier and less expensive not to have a memorial service or funeral, we know from our extensive Cobb County funeral service experience that an easy, cheaper path is not always better one.

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  • Cremation


    Our cremation services are as unique and personalized as our burial services. From whether to host a viewing to urn selection to service planning to the cremation itself, our Cobb County funeral home staff is here for you throughout the process.

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  • Burial


    Our experienced staff will help you through all of the decisions necessary to make the burial seamless and celebratory, from casket selection to transportation to coordinating with the cemetery of your choice. Every burial is unique and designed to celebrate the life of the individual.

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  • Permanent Memorialization

    Permanent Memorialization

    Having a place to spend time after a loss, a dedicated place where you can find comfort, will make all the difference to those left behind. We will help you to create the perfect lasting memorial through one of our trusted vendors.

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  • Aftercare Services

    Aftercare Services

    Following your loved one’s memorial, our services have only just begun. From obtaining legal documents and filing insurance to handling the home maintenance of a widow/widower, we’re committed to offering assistance to your family for all matters that may come after the loss of a loved one.

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  • Veteran's Services

    Veteran's Services

    We believe those who served our nation are deserving of special attention, and we will take care of all details in securing the benefits your veteran is entitled to receive.

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