Aftercare Services

Losing a loved one is overwhelming for anyone, and it’s times like these when you need the right guidance and assistance.

Service that goes beyond

Service that goes beyond

At Mayes Ward Dobbins, we are committed to taking care of your family’s well-being before, during, and following a funeral through our aftercare services. 

At no additional cost, we provide personalized aftercare services because we believe it makes a difference to those families who have trusted in us during this difficult time of loss. Most of the time, you are in no position to be dealing with all of the work that comes after a funeral service during your time of grief, that’s why the Mayes Ward Dobbins family is here to assist you in any way possible. 

While other funeral directors offer advice on where you should go, we will personally walk you through the entire aftercare process and handle all of your needs in house. By providing hands-on guidance for both small and large tasks, we are committed to taking care of your family’s well-being. These tasks include:

  • Bank account updates
  • Credit card notification
  • Cancellation of healthcare
  • Insurance claims 
  • Probating estates
  • Grief counseling options
  • Legal filings advice
  • Home maintenance for a widow/widower
  • And more

How to begin:

Our Aftercare Team has many years of experience providing peace of mind to Cobb County families. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

If you are looking for more information about the steps you need to take after a loss, please download our aftercare resources below.